Transforming Traditional Parenting For Happier And Healthier Future !

We’re here to not only serve you with positive parenting tips but also DMIT tests and sound healing therapy.

In the 21st century, traditional parenting of guiding your child towards your desires is not effective. Recent times have pressed upon the demand for parents to understand their child’s behavior and actions to guide them towards a more fruitful future.

As you might know, Litmus translates to a test that acts as an indicator of various parameters. In a similar vein, under the parenting domain, it’s a question that’s posed in front of every other parent. It demands them to find answers to how successful will they be as a parent? What will their child do in the future? How will they manage their child? And so on.

As Litmus indicates parameters for you, we, at Life Litmus help you with the knowledge of life, to unveil its true essence, and to follow it. We reflect your life to guide you to happiness and contentment. We don’t use the faculty of words for this process. Instead, we rely upon experiences, upon practical approach to bare the crux of an ecstatic life.

At Life Litmus, you’re made aware of yourself through self-introspection. Through this, we acknowledge your problem in order to access your holistic development. At the center of our model, we believe in empowering you through our support and enabling the healing process by training your mind to see the rainbow- to choose the path of mindfulness.

Since the concept of seeking the help of a parenting coach is comparatively new to most parents, we do understand your indecisiveness in putting faith in someone. However, as we go by the passion for strengthening your bond with your child, we assure you that you and your needs will be the guiding principles of our approach. Life Litmus is not just our professional venture, it’s a comfortable space you can fall back upon in the time of despair.

What makes us unique !

Every Counselling is unique

We keep your counseling session personal to you and your requirements.

All age groups

We’re open to serve couples and individuals of all ages.

No Hit and Trial

No Hit and Trial

Understanding your mindset and requirements is what we aim for!

1 on 1 coaching

1:1 Coaching

Direct & friendly 1:1 interactions make it fun and easygoing

Handholding for 5 years

Handholding for 5 years

Post our analysis, we’re here to resolve your doubts for five years.

Life Time report

Life Time Report

We share a lifetime report about your child’s future progress

About Vishakha

Hi Dear, my name is Vishakha, nice to meet you!

The world is supremely competitive and only when you follow the lead of what brings you joy is when you feel at peace. With this as my motto, I’m working towards creating my peaceful space by divulging into the minds of budding beings and helping them counter every problem, one at a time. 

I’m a successful Parenting coach, a dermatoglyphics consultant, a sound healer, and a certified access bars practitioner. Following my calling, I’m working to create the best parent-children relationship possible. To my pleasure, I help these young minds take a productive shape in order to achieve success in interpersonal relationships and life in general.

I happily reward parents with love and respect from their children as I help them bridge the gap that creates a void in parenting. Increasing the proximity of children with their parents is my way of seeking happiness and manifesting positivity in the world.

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