Bringing Joy ,
Understanding & Warmth to

Parent Child Relationships

Bringing Joy ,
Understanding & Warmth to

Parent Child Relationships

Bringing Joy ,
Understanding & Warmth to

Parent Child Relationships


Our Service Umbrella

Comprehensive Forte Services For Parents



Strengthen your bond with your child by sharing & learning to deal with pain points of being a parent.

Parenting Sessions

Let’s co-create
a new reality for your family,
here’s how we can help you.

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Inborn Personality Assessment


Understand all about the unique inborn potential of your child with the Dermatoglyphic Multiple Intelligence Test.

Inborn Personality Assessment Sessions

Let’s acknowledge your child’s’ personality to achieve their holistic development.

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Sound Healing


Calm your mind, body, and soul with our sound healing meditations sessions conducted with singing bowls and tongue drums.

Sound Healing Sessions

Let’s self-introspect our mind and soul to be on the path of mindfulness.

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Helping you bring up your child
in an environment that is free-spirited, respectful, nurturing, full of kindness, and compassion!

— About Lifelitmus & Its Founder

Hello, nice to meet you!

We Assist You in Becoming Wiser Parents

Not just as a parent, our comprehensive services around parenting and healing are all about helping you to foster a better life for yourself and your family under one roof. We are exploring our passion by helping you solve your unresolved issues and have healthier interpersonal relationships within your family.

Unleashing the best in you is our aim at Life Litmus. We will let you build upon your positives and eliminate the negatives.

Vishakha Goyal Narra

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My consultation for DMIT with Vishakha was great and enriching. She was very patient while listening to me, which was much needed. She also explained the report in detail and helped me learn all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of my personality.

Monali Tandulkar
Pune City

It was a great experience attending Vishakha’s sound healing session. I was literally able to feel vibrations in my body which I have never felt before. On whole, it was very calming session with the singing bowls. Kudos to Vishakha.

Arjun Samaddar
Bavdhan, Pune

Signing Bowl session is really very good method of meditation which helped me improve my quality of sleep. Attending Vishakha’s regular session also helped me calm down and ceased down agitation in the mind.

L. Narrasimhan
Viman Nagar, Pune

I took consultation for both my children from Vishakha. I was worried for my elder sons hyper activeness and younger ones IQ. After taking DMIT of both under consultation of Vishakha, I was able to deal with my concerns very easily.

Janhvi Dubale
Pune City

After an extensive session with Vishakha on understanding the DMIT report of my child, I was very relaxed about the understanding I have of my child's personality. I was 100% satisfied with my child’s personality test.

Kaushal Sunil Rane
Shivajinagar, Pune

It was a great experience of getting an overall clarity of my child's personality with the counselling and Inborn Personality Test. It’s great that Vishakha offers 5 years of handholding to clear any future doubts.

Swapnil Palod
How it works?

Our Steps To Your Mindfulness

It all starts with a single first step.

The concept of attending parenting workshops, taking personality tests for children and participating in sound healing therapy is new to most people, we do understand your indecisiveness in putting faith in someone. But to gain your trust and faith, we have created a personal and interactive process to let you understand why and how our services may be a necessity in your life.

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We live by our profession of creating a codependent family environment, where you’re valued and loved, all we aspire is your commitment!
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We empower you with our support by training your mind to see the rainbow- to choose the path of mindfulness.

We know you might have many questions

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Our intention is not to push you on the path of guilt-tripping when you unveil your predicaments. Instead, we take you as our own and are all ears for whatever you’re going through.